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Beaches are the most treasured and revered assets of Goa and among them Candolim beach is a widely sought after beach. The white and golden sands of the beach and the leaning palm trees give this beach a touch of beauty that is a bit apart from the rest of the beaches here in Goa. The beach though being a widely sought after destination by many, is a relatively quiet and tranquil one than the other beaches adorning the coast of Goa.

Other than the beauty and charm that radiates from this beach there are places of interest that draws crowds to it. The places of tourist interest that are in the vicinity of the beach are Aguada fort and Quincy corner. Aguada fort was built by the Portuguese during the early years of 1612 as a protective measure against the Dutch and Marathas. It is a wonderful piece of architecture and history that has stood the advent of time proudly and still continues to do so. The fort is a well built one and within it lays a four storied light house that was constructed later in the years of 1864. When in this part of beautiful Goa one should make it a point to visit this place that once housed at least 79 cannons as its defensive measure. Quincy corner on the other hand is a tourist spot that is widely known for the musical atmosphere that surrounds the place. Encircled by a canopy of coconut and palm trees the place is dotted with shacks that serve multiple snacks and liquor. When at Candolim beach tours to these above mentioned places should not be missed. A feather in the cap may be added to the Candolim beach area as this place is said to be the birth place of Abba Faria who was a freedom fighter and is also known as the Father of hypnotism.

The Candolim beach in Goa is also a host to many activities such as:- Parasailing- if you have ever wondered what it must be to soar the skies and watch the waves crashing onto the shores then this is the place to rest your wonder and know the pleasures of flying like a bird. Watch the great Arabian Sea stretching out into the endless horizon and feel the beauty that you witness from the great height.

Water Skiing - this is one of the sports where you can test your skill doing outrageous stunts or simply glide along the water surface at great speeds.

Boating and fishing- these are leisurely activities to get your mind of any kind of stress that you may be feeling at the time. The pleasures of fishing are many and time spent doing it would be really worth it especially if you land a big fish.

To reach this wonder place of sand, sun and fun is really easy. You can get onboard a KTC bus that ply from Manpusa or you may hire bikes and drive to this wonderful beach yourself. So take some time out from the daily routines and visit this wonderful beach and have fun in the sun soaking up some history too.

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