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GOA Handicrafts
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Goa handicrafts have their own charm, style and are made up off natural materials available such as shell, bamboo, peebles, clay, coconut, etc. The handicrafts of Goa are the truly amazing and the creative and the artistic work of the locals showcase the perfect blend of the Portuguese and the Indian cultures.

Goans are very creative and they have carved a niche for them selves by making truly a fascinating art-forms and souvenirs that include wood carniving, bamboo craft,wooden lacquer ware, brass crafts, sea-shell crafts, piper-mache, clay-craft,etc. Beside these coconut shell carnving, metal embossing, cotton dolls, artistic carving, fabric collage, fiber and batik prints, crochet andembroidery are also the important Goa handicrafts.

Goa has carved a niche for itself in every field and millions of thanks go to theskilled and artistic artists, who put their hard work and effort to make thehandicraft industry of Goa internationallyfamous. On a tour to Goa pick up the some of the handicrafts as souvenir to keep the memories of Goa tour evergreen and memorable.

Material from Which Handicrafts are Made

  • Wooden Lacquer Ware
  • Brass Work
  • Bamboo Craft
  • Wood Carving
  • Terracotta Pottery
  • Seashell Craft  

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